Some of us who found loving homes! (46483 bytes)

Cheerio was adopted and her new name is Ruby.  She lives with another Homeward Bound dog named Liam.  He's older than her, but still enjoys playing in the back yard with her.  She is very entertaining for her new family.

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Harley's new name is Holly.  She was adopted by a great guy that has adopted 2 other dogs from Homeward Bound Rescue.  She has fit in perfectly with his other dog.  She gets to go hiking ,riding, and has become part of the family right away.  Harley waited a long time for her forever home, and it was a perfect match.

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Lilly was adopted by a friend of ours that has fostered dogs for us in the past.  She has 4 dogs and 2 of them she adopted from us.  It just so happened that this gal worked a couple of years ago at the boarding facility where Lilly was staying, so she got to know Lilly quite well.  She recently decided that she had room for 1 more dog and decided to adopt Lilly.  Lilly is doing great and learning what it's like to have a real home.  They all get to go for runs down by the river and she loves to splash in the water.  She is so happy and gets along well with the other dogs and cats.

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Ruby went to a home with another dog as a playmate.  They are best of friends now.

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Bolt found his forever home in Breckenridge.  He gets to go to work with his new owners at a ski rental shop. He also has a new sister, Sedona that he enjoys playing with.

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Liam went into a foster home a few months ago, and fit in so well with their other dog, that they decided to keep him.

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Kirby went to a home that has a female dog his age and they play all the time. They also both go to doggy daycare a couple days a week, and love to go out everyday to run in the open space behind their home.

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Echo finally found her forever home.  She now shares a home with a big lab/great dane mix who loves having another dog to play with.  They both have an acre of fenced in yard that they get to explore every day.   

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Jack is having a great time in his new home.  He loves to go for walks and going on hiking trips.  Jack's new owner says he is an amazing dog.

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Pickles found a home with someone who is home all the time.  She also has 2 dog friends that she loves hanging out with. 

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Maverick was very afraid of men, luckily we were able to find him a home with a lady who had another dog.  The dogs are now best buds.


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Dio found a loving home where someone is home all day.

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Jade went to live with a family with kids, where she gets lots of attention.

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The people that found Sidney and fostered her, decided to adopt her.

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The lady that found and has fostered Susie has decided to keep her.

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Winnie's foster home has decided to keep her. 

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Pip is doing great in her new home where they are monitoring her special needs.

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Matilda found a home where she can get all the attention all day long.

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 Elsa has a wonderful home and a new best friend that is an 8 month old Husky.  

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Twilight and Sassy found a home together and are having a great time  at agility classes.

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Sassy and Twilight found a home together and are having a great time  at agility classes.


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Roxie found her forever home and now has a big brother named Wally.  

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Josee is having the time of her life in her new home.  She is now living with 2 other dogs and loves playing in the big back yard with them.

eli3.jpg (49073 bytes)

Eli's foster mom has decided to keep him. Eli has come a long way with her and loves Morris his boxer friend.  He even earned his Novice trick dog certificate.