Adoption Policy

  1. Contact Homeward Bound Rescue to complete an application over the phone.  At that time we will set up a home visit. 

  2. During the home visit we will explain in more detail the expectations and procedures for adoption.  We will let the pet meet your other pets and family members to observe how well they get along.  We inspect the home for adequate shelter and discuss where the pet will live and sleep.  

  3. Paper work will be filled out, and Homeward Bound Rescue currently asks $125/dog, $100 for seniors(7 and older),  and $175 for puppies (see below), this includes the following:

    1. spay or neuter for all pets

    2. current vaccinations and rabies according to age

    3. medical care/check up if needed

    4. collar for dogs

    5. medical history of the animal 

  4. Homeward Bound Rescue will not adopt an animal into a home for purposes of breeding, performing, entertainment, experimentation, fighting, reselling, or personal gain.  We find loving homes for pets that will become part of the family.  We reserve the right to deny any adoption application at our discretion.

  5. For puppies the owner will be responsible for the remaining rounds of pup shots and rabies.  Owners will receive a $50 refund when we receive proof of spaying or neutering of the puppy.  Spay and neuter is mandatory and we will follow up to make sure this has been done. 

  6. After the trial visit (a time agreed upon by the foster parent and you) the adoption donation will be deposited which is non-refundable. 

  7. Must be 21 years of age to adopt from us.

  8. We follow our dogs for life.  A follow-up call will be made every year during the anniversary month that the dog was adopted.

  9. You must own your own home.

  10. We will not adopt to a home with children under the age of 10.